Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so yeah totally meant to make stuff this weekend. But we had to do laundry, and I left GRRM's Dance with Dragons at the office. So I since I had the first 3 trades of Uncanny X-force lying around I was like I'll just read some more. And more led to me reading comics for most of my sunday. Good day. I am loving Uncanny X-Force right now. It started kind of slow but definitely picks up, the Dark Angel Saga is pretty awesome. Psylocke and Archangel were one of my favorite couples growing up. Even though everyone thought Archangel (especially as Angel) was a bit of a pansy, they have really given him a cool edge starting in X-force v3. I'm loving it.

So because it's kind of on my mind guess what I've been drawing. The first sketch was on just drawing Betsy asian. One of the biggest issues, she's supposed to be a brit in a japanese body, but very few people make her look asian. haha. which is cool I'm one of those. it's really super hard to draw asians. Probably why I always have trouble drawing Psylocke...

I just started a digital painting inspired by Uncanny X-force. Don't really have time to finish it tonight but I'll put up what I have so far. Just a little thumbnailing.. sorry I'll try and finish it over the next few days.
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