Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get back on that horse!!

After feeling like a huge failure of an artist, as far as not producing, and there for not existing, I have decided to jump back into the groove of things and keep making stuff.

A friend referred me to a great book for those mentally struggling with their art. It's called Art & Fear and it's a great little read. It's really helping me get over all the little things I beat myself up over, and also overcome that fear of being scared of making crap and therefore forgoing making anything at all. Which I have a tendency to do. So sorry if this is crap, but I have to make heaps of crap to get back into making things that are maybe one step above crap.

But you know what. Fuck it all I'm making this shit for me. Who cares what people think. Oh except for the stuff that I'm making for comic-con. Our company got a table at the Austin Wizard World this year and it's kind of what inspired me to start producing art more regularly. Well that and seeing my co-workers continually cranking out work.

I'm so spoiled by computers, cintiqs especially, drawing on paper is so incredibly unforgiving! Sorry for these..

I found a lot of the old stuff I used to take to Anime conventions and realized "Hey I work in watercolors a lot. I should try those again!"
Mystique in watercolors... it's been a while...

It's like I've been teleported backwards in time and my art has reverted back to it's most basically horrible level.

I'll make more, and hopefully better stuff soon...


I'll probably break these up into two uploads. So here's some of the older stuff:

Poster for the Artist Against Cancer benefit show! Go to and help artists struggling with cancer!

More drawings of people from work:
Evgeny our resident Russian

Kellan another new guy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just doodling, here's a little Arya Stark. Call me slightly obsessed, especially now that the show is out but Song of Ice and Fire is such an amazingly good series! Watch Game of Thrones on HBO or better yet read the books. George R.R. Martin is a god. I'll probably do more of these since I'm living and breathing Westeros right now.

Oh and another luck of the draw I found that didn't get put up.
Garrus from Mass Effect as per N.C. Wyeth. Didn't quite get to finish this one. It's missing a brush pass.. too soft for wyeth. disappoint.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yeah sad.

I was trying to post these a while ago and for some reason blogger wouldn't let me on. Then I forgot about them and they were lost to the void that is my lack of internet usage. Any who enjoy!

Zelda a la Klimt.