Monday, November 1, 2010


Yeah I haven't posted in a while I know. I was trying to limit my time spent on the internet. Amazingly enough it's been working. Except I've neglected my blog, facebook, deviant, and other such sites that am sort of responsible for updating. Anywho just thought I'd catch you up with the luck of the draws. Yeah we've still been doing those if you haven't seen them on our phetchblog. Here's what you missed:

The Once and Future King. This one was draw a traditionally noble character evil.

This one was simply "draw someone in profile" I did a little Wizard of OZ series. (don't ask me why Dorothy is so far over to the left. I must have shifted her and not realized...)

Okay this one was Masters of the Universe in a style of your choice. This one's heavily influenced by Mike Mignola. Oh and I noticed after the fact that his sword is really really short (shhh. don't tell him, it will hurt his feelings!)

God it's been so long all of these catagories are blurry to me. I think this one was just YOUR movie poster. I went with pulp sci-fi.

I think this one was to take TV show and do cartoon versions of them..

Choose a celebrity and create a Flinestones persona for them: Courtney Love

Jake the Intern (we got another person to draw! Although he's already gone back to school. But he was also really into comics.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

LotD: the return of the king....

Okay so even more luck of the draw sketches have been piling up since last I post. To make matters worse. My computer is having issues. I had to reinstall windows but now some of my programs won't work, or allow me to reinstall them. So I'll need to find time to do that. some day. throw it on the pile of shit to do when I feel like bashing my head into a wall. :)

Anyways. Least my laptop loves me still. Here are some of my older to present luck of the draws from work. oh yeah I should mention that we ran out of people to draw at the studio so we started coming up with a lottery drawing of random themes.

Celebrity Portrait using only Shapes: John Stewart

Mythological Creatures in Mundane Scenarios: Medusa gets a Manicure

Micah the Bubble Boy:

Ronnie and KHAAANNNNN!

Ryan: iToots Poster Boy

Welcome to Fight Club, Brad.

Programmer Love.