Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bring it New Year!

So one of my resolutions as a slacker artist was to start making art again on a daily basis. Be it a crappy little 5 minute sketch or an 8hr painting. Whateves. So like most new years resolutions I failed within the first week.

But hey I did pick things up the second week, and I've decided to have to post them up on my blog in order to pressure myself into perseverance. Well so I guess this is kind of sketch/paint/drawing/digital thing a day.

Oh also after 3 yrs of saving I am finally going to get a Cintiq! JOY! Seriously I'm ridiculously excited, but as I was shopping around for the cause of my euphoria my computer took a little turn and decided to show it's age. I've got it up and running again. But next up, save for a better machine.

Anyways. So my computer crapped out the first few days I meant to post these up:
01-12-2012: me waiting for my computer to run it's scans.

01-12-2012: we've been watching lots of Buffy/Angel. Crappy little doodle of Spike.

01-11-2012: first time plein-air painting, not amazing, but I'm satisfied with it I was just working on "Covering the Canvas", so mission accomplished.

01-10-2012: tiny wolvie headshot

01-09-2012: quick Fantomex, reading Uncanny X-Force right now.. I think I will have to write a separate blog reviewing that book.

01-08-2012: Thomas in SG-U. My boyfriend started Stargate: Universe. I never watched SG-1, just one of the sci-fi's that I somehow missed. I liked the movie just never got into the show. But I digress. He was very deep in concentration, must have been an engaging episode..
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