Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch Studies: Feet

So my office mate and I have started doing digital paint studies at lunch. It's only an hour every tuesdays & thursdays but its nice to actually allot some time to just painting.  And its much faster than setting up and tearing down to paint outside.

Well we started off with feet. I just picked a body part that I wanted to work more on. Anywho here are some of the sketches and paint studies we did this past month. Our next subject is comic book characters. I'm painting Psylocke, which is good because it's forcing me to work with stuff I'm not comfortable doing.

I rarely like a Psylocke I make, because well as a character I really like I don't ever feel she looks right and two. I suck at drawing asians, really asian looking asians at least. I'm horrible at it. So my goal is to make this chick look asian. I'll post up some stuff later. Again it's a bit slow going and with the holidays even more so. Anyways. FEET.

Space Chimp

Space Chimp was completed. Sorry that was probably like a month ago now.. I managed to finish Space Chimp, the four page short, which was originally scripted for 9 pages and cut down to 4 so other people could have space in our awesome art book. :)

I'm not super happy with it, and it getting cut down doesn't really help either. Story is truncated and sloppy, dialogue is poor. Unimaginative panel designs and layouts, and overall suckage. But there are other cool thing from other people in our book Powerlines: Vol 1. Where you can find this silly story in print form. Which makes it slightly better I guess.