Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Legend.

Did a digital sketch/illustration today, well started it yesterday and finished today. It's Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. I seriously love Terminator, and she definitely is an idol of mine. She's just one of the most kick ass female characters ever created, and her transformation from the first film to the second is just astounding. Mad props to Linda Hamilton, and of course James Cameron for creating such a fantastic series.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It doesn't feel pity or remorse...

So my computer just crashed the other day. Well I wasn't home at the time, I had to hear about it over the phone. But sure enough when I got home to inspect it it was dead. Well not dead, my smaller boot drive works fine, but my storage drive, the one that holds basically everything, has called it quits. Taking basically everything with it, I've tried using a program to salvage anything, but it doesn't look like much can be saved.

I am beyond frustration now. Not to mention the loss of so many things all at once has me a bit out of it as well... I'm just completely stoic now. I realize what a loss it is, yet the only thing I'm grieving at present is my inability to finish watching Lost.