Friday, February 28, 2014

LotD the revival.

So there's been a revival of the Powerhouse Luck of the Draw on facebook. I've submitted a couple doodles. So I've not completely been inactive artistically.

 I think the prompt for this one was character off-model but still recognizable.
This one was your worst fear done in a non-frightening way.. Something like that. I didn't finish this one but it's my baby destroying my collections.

Ahh. Sage she is adorable. I'm only sad because though we got this nice house, the commute to work really sucks. I have a couple hours in the morning with her, but she's mostly sleeping or I'm too busy getting ready to get to play with her. Then when I finally get home after an hour commute it's usually only and hour or at most two with her before she goes down for the night.

Alas. Weekends have become super precious now. I'll try and make more art when I can, I'm hoping once I settle into a groove at work I can do more on lunch breaks. Though it maybe more studies and stuff.