Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attack of the Brain Disease!

Damn. Sorry for the delay. I came down with a brain disease the other day. Okay that's not the medical term but there was definitely something amiss with my head. I woke up experiencing extreme dizziness/vertigo and nausea. But I really wanted to make sure everything was set for a send we had at work so I went to work that day. Which probably wasn't the best idea at the time, and staring at a big bright screen didn't help. Well needless to say as soon as I got home I had to keep the world from spinning by going to bed right away. Only to sleep for 20 hours!! I mean deep, completely paralyzed and removed from the world sleep. I couldn't respond to my alarm, I could barely even muster the power to call in. Also I was in and out of delusions or fever dreams it was really weird.

I called the nurse at my doctors office and she said I may have just had a bug or something that I burned out of my system with sleep. Who knows I call it the brain disease. Oh in better news I received my copy of Eric Canete's Encore! It's amazing over three hundred pages of awesome!!

Well in any case I didn't get as much drawing done those few nights.
started a sketch for my luck of the draw. Sorry it's really rough, a lot will change and be worked out in the computer..
01-27-2012: When Unicorns Attack! Rough layout.

We've started watching Jericho on Netflix. I never saw this show when it was on but it's pretty great I'm enjoying it. Especially Skeet Ulrich. Man that guy still looks good. I mean I thought he was hot since back in The Craft and Scream but he's still rockin' that dark horse look. Any ways threw this out in Flash.
01-29-2012: Welcome to Jericho.
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