Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fangirl rants.

Whoa. Been a while. I'm horrible at keeping up with this. Well we've been doing lots of overtime at work and I haven't really been making much outside of work. But here's a dump of what I have made since last time.. Well that is presentable. I have been playing around in my sketchbook, but haven't had time to scan in those scribbles, also randomly be animating little things that kind of fizzle...

Playing around in Flash. Not finishing clean-up on a little scribble animation I did... I miss paper for animation. but flash is so much easier, though the brush really doesn't look as awesome in motion as pencils. I also had no concept of lots of animation rules when I would animate on paper... Which was both good and bad. Good because I wouldn't care. Just draw and make the shit move, and throw caution to the wind. But now all I can see is how wrong stuff is, and just stressing over trying to get those right usually exhausts me and dissuades me from completion. Ugh. I'm gonna keep trying though. Deviant has .swfs now, so I should try and make some.

A while back I started trying to digitally paint again. Another thing that's kind of been neglected. I'm back to doing some studies to try and get back into it. So simple portraits and still life are probably on the way... Here's one study.
Okay the next three aren't really finished just sort of scribbles as I was messing around trying to get out of my usual art rut. So during some of my time I finally got around to reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, and maybe became a little obsessed. Har-har. It's back to my Harry Potter fanart days all over again. I'm going to probably have a whole lot more HG stuff until I burn this craze out of my system. I'm not even sure why I love it so much I blame Peeta. He's like fictional perfection, but not by Suzanne Collins just describing him with the word perfect all the time, a la Stephanie Meyer's method in Twilight. Thanks Suzanne for turning me back into a 17 yr old fangirl.
Yeah I'm not sure I like this one. We have been watching Game of Thrones se02, and I have to say I HATE the casting of Asha Greyjoy (who is named Yara in the show). OMG she is no where near as sexy, witty, or bad-ass as she is in the books. I mean I know she's hard to live up to but man they really made her dull. Took the shine right out of that character. I scribbled this but I hate it too.I guess she's Un-capturable.