Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh by the way she is singing. Because mermaids sing. Sirens of the sea. That's not just her "catching flies"

So yeah kind of didn't get around to putting anything up on Friday or Saturday. Sorry. We did find a new apartment though! Hurray, it's in a really nice area very hill-y and covered with trees. We won't have an awesome view, mostly of trees, but we were willing to pay less for a crappier view. We also have like 3 days to move out/in and they fall during the work week so that kind of sucks, but all in all it's really exciting.

to the posts. I did two today to make up for not posting yesterday. Just got around to watching Pirates 4, did not really care for it. Don't like Johnny Depp or Penelope Cruz and was just kind of tired of the usual pirate stuff, Jack Sparrow doing ridiculous and no longer comical feats. That being said, I had to watch because there were mermaids in it. MERMAIDS! There's a couple of things that I cannot turn down in films its mermaids and dragons, and trust me I've watched a slew of horrible dragon movies (I blame sci-fi channel!) because of this addiction.

Anywho. The whole mermaid/cleric thing made absolutely no effing sense and really was just thrown in there for the ladies who wanted a love story. I have to admit to be a sucker for shit like that too. Not that I loved it, but liked the eye candy for sure. The chick was gorgeous and the dude super hot. So yeah the romantic in me was cheering for that little sliver of a story line. Any who I started with just a mermaid and then I was like fuck it I'll just do a doodle of the Mermaid Kiss cuz quite frankly that was the best part of the movie for me. Well maybe aside from the super Catholic Spanish Prince not giving two shits about a fountain of youth. "CHRIST IS ALL YOU NEED" Haha. Sorry for the spoilers. That was pretty funny.
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