Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attack of the Brain Disease!

Damn. Sorry for the delay. I came down with a brain disease the other day. Okay that's not the medical term but there was definitely something amiss with my head. I woke up experiencing extreme dizziness/vertigo and nausea. But I really wanted to make sure everything was set for a send we had at work so I went to work that day. Which probably wasn't the best idea at the time, and staring at a big bright screen didn't help. Well needless to say as soon as I got home I had to keep the world from spinning by going to bed right away. Only to sleep for 20 hours!! I mean deep, completely paralyzed and removed from the world sleep. I couldn't respond to my alarm, I could barely even muster the power to call in. Also I was in and out of delusions or fever dreams it was really weird.

I called the nurse at my doctors office and she said I may have just had a bug or something that I burned out of my system with sleep. Who knows I call it the brain disease. Oh in better news I received my copy of Eric Canete's Encore! It's amazing over three hundred pages of awesome!!

Well in any case I didn't get as much drawing done those few nights.
started a sketch for my luck of the draw. Sorry it's really rough, a lot will change and be worked out in the computer..
01-27-2012: When Unicorns Attack! Rough layout.

We've started watching Jericho on Netflix. I never saw this show when it was on but it's pretty great I'm enjoying it. Especially Skeet Ulrich. Man that guy still looks good. I mean I thought he was hot since back in The Craft and Scream but he's still rockin' that dark horse look. Any ways threw this out in Flash.
01-29-2012: Welcome to Jericho.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

unicorn studies

So our next luck of the draw is WHEN UNICORNS ATTACK!
It's not really due till next Friday but I figured I'd go ahead and do some unicorn studies for my sketches today. I don't think I've ever drawn a unicorn before. Seriously. I mean I know I'm all about the dragons and mermaids, but unicorns.. not so much. Anywho. I think I'm also gonna start another blog for my geeky rants and raves about all the geek things that make me squeal or just inspire me. Lots of comic stuff and artists. Since this is the "sketchbook."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so yeah totally meant to make stuff this weekend. But we had to do laundry, and I left GRRM's Dance with Dragons at the office. So I since I had the first 3 trades of Uncanny X-force lying around I was like I'll just read some more. And more led to me reading comics for most of my sunday. Good day. I am loving Uncanny X-Force right now. It started kind of slow but definitely picks up, the Dark Angel Saga is pretty awesome. Psylocke and Archangel were one of my favorite couples growing up. Even though everyone thought Archangel (especially as Angel) was a bit of a pansy, they have really given him a cool edge starting in X-force v3. I'm loving it.

So because it's kind of on my mind guess what I've been drawing. The first sketch was on just drawing Betsy asian. One of the biggest issues, she's supposed to be a brit in a japanese body, but very few people make her look asian. haha. which is cool I'm one of those. it's really super hard to draw asians. Probably why I always have trouble drawing Psylocke...

I just started a digital painting inspired by Uncanny X-force. Don't really have time to finish it tonight but I'll put up what I have so far. Just a little thumbnailing.. sorry I'll try and finish it over the next few days.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i must apologize.

sorry. my full attention hasn't quite been on sketches these past few days. But in good news my cintiq came in, but for some reason wasn't exactly plug and play out of the box. Only because my old tablet drivers were apparently confusing the fuck out of it. But eventually got it working. could only doodle a couple quick things to make sure it's up and running correctly. Now too sleepy. So old. Gotta turn in for some Zs.

01-18: alien?

01-18: um chinese waitress at a foam party?

From yesterday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh by the way she is singing. Because mermaids sing. Sirens of the sea. That's not just her "catching flies"

So yeah kind of didn't get around to putting anything up on Friday or Saturday. Sorry. We did find a new apartment though! Hurray, it's in a really nice area very hill-y and covered with trees. We won't have an awesome view, mostly of trees, but we were willing to pay less for a crappier view. We also have like 3 days to move out/in and they fall during the work week so that kind of sucks, but all in all it's really exciting.

to the posts. I did two today to make up for not posting yesterday. Just got around to watching Pirates 4, did not really care for it. Don't like Johnny Depp or Penelope Cruz and was just kind of tired of the usual pirate stuff, Jack Sparrow doing ridiculous and no longer comical feats. That being said, I had to watch because there were mermaids in it. MERMAIDS! There's a couple of things that I cannot turn down in films its mermaids and dragons, and trust me I've watched a slew of horrible dragon movies (I blame sci-fi channel!) because of this addiction.

Anywho. The whole mermaid/cleric thing made absolutely no effing sense and really was just thrown in there for the ladies who wanted a love story. I have to admit to be a sucker for shit like that too. Not that I loved it, but liked the eye candy for sure. The chick was gorgeous and the dude super hot. So yeah the romantic in me was cheering for that little sliver of a story line. Any who I started with just a mermaid and then I was like fuck it I'll just do a doodle of the Mermaid Kiss cuz quite frankly that was the best part of the movie for me. Well maybe aside from the super Catholic Spanish Prince not giving two shits about a fountain of youth. "CHRIST IS ALL YOU NEED" Haha. Sorry for the spoilers. That was pretty funny.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bring it New Year!

So one of my resolutions as a slacker artist was to start making art again on a daily basis. Be it a crappy little 5 minute sketch or an 8hr painting. Whateves. So like most new years resolutions I failed within the first week.

But hey I did pick things up the second week, and I've decided to have to post them up on my blog in order to pressure myself into perseverance. Well so I guess this is kind of sketch/paint/drawing/digital thing a day.

Oh also after 3 yrs of saving I am finally going to get a Cintiq! JOY! Seriously I'm ridiculously excited, but as I was shopping around for the cause of my euphoria my computer took a little turn and decided to show it's age. I've got it up and running again. But next up, save for a better machine.

Anyways. So my computer crapped out the first few days I meant to post these up:
01-12-2012: me waiting for my computer to run it's scans.

01-12-2012: we've been watching lots of Buffy/Angel. Crappy little doodle of Spike.

01-11-2012: first time plein-air painting, not amazing, but I'm satisfied with it I was just working on "Covering the Canvas", so mission accomplished.

01-10-2012: tiny wolvie headshot

01-09-2012: quick Fantomex, reading Uncanny X-Force right now.. I think I will have to write a separate blog reviewing that book.

01-08-2012: Thomas in SG-U. My boyfriend started Stargate: Universe. I never watched SG-1, just one of the sci-fi's that I somehow missed. I liked the movie just never got into the show. But I digress. He was very deep in concentration, must have been an engaging episode..