Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finished. Well finished with it anyways.

So talking to Sam about finishing this digital painting and he was like "whoa I never take that long of a break from something. I only allow myself X number of hours on a piece and if I don't get it done in that time I move on."

I'm going to try and work on setting time limits for myself because unfortunately I am really bad about putting things aside and starting on other things then flip flopping endlessly until either it gets dropped and never picked up again or I end up not touching it for months at a time. So. Just to wrap this one I gave myself only one night to finish it up. Well at least get it decent. So here it is. Officially moving to my completed folder and out of my life.

This was my first one using Sam's B&W technique and getting some feedback and pushing through the first painting... if when you look back at that old post I do have to say it's come a long way from there. So overall a good learning piece. Moving on now.

Sorry Vin, you never got to color. Maybe the next one.