Friday, July 20, 2012

My Mistborn: Final Empire Dream Casting

Okay in a complete waste of my time I have been doing a little Mistborn: The Final Empire dream casting. Started out as looking for image references before starting my art.. but morphed into me picking out most of the cast. Some of this is pieced together from other people's lists, and a lot of them I have more than one option because I can't decide..

Vin: My first pick might be Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit fame. Mostly because she's at the right age well she's 16 now but probably by the time the film came out would be about the right age, and she's an amazing young actress. Ellen Page is kind of too old but really has the look and build. So if we'd like to go with an older more experienced actress then I'd vote her.
Hailee Steinfeld as Vin
Ellen Page as Vin
Kelsier: Nikolaj makes a great Jamie Lannister, but honestly I think he would make one perfect Kelsier.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Kelsier
Sazed: I hate to typecast Bruce Spence as the tall, long-faced wise old man, but seriously he just looks like a Sazed to me.
Bruce Spence as Sazed
Eric Bana as Dockson
Elend: Man this one is tough. Again couldn't decide whether to go for looks or acting. I do love Anton Yelchin as an actor by I think that Sam Claflin would make a great looking Elend.
Sam Claflin as Elend Venture
Anton Yelchin as Elend Venture
Sam Worthington as Hammond
Eddie Izzard as Breeze
Marsh: Aaron Eckhart would make a good Marsh in relation to Nikolaj. They look like they could be related, but he would need to be much more stern. Aaron smiles A LOT!
Aaron Eckhart as Marsh
Charles Dance as Clubs
Lestibournes/Spook: Okay I saw Callan in I am Number Four. Which was HORRIBLE. I don't get what the craze over Alex Pettyfer is, that kid can't act. But Callan was really the only good thing in that film for me. I would love to see him in more and I think he would make a fantastic Spook.
Callan McAuliffe as Lestibournes/Spook

Katie McGrath as Shan Elariel
Lord Ruler: Tall, dark and handsome. Basically you say those things and two actors always come to my mind. I don't know it's the Superman look but you know in this he'd be evil.
Henry Cavill as the Lord Ruler
Tom Welling as the Lord Ruler
I know this is different from my sketches, but you know it is my blog. I have this list on my IMDB, but I don't want people just looking at their one headshot that I can't choose and deciding. I'm going to influence you with a perfect image of the person. haha.

Yeah I know I should be making art, but hey sometimes amazingly hot actresses and actors are just the best way to depict how I imagine characters. Whenever I try to draw them they just don't come out looking quite the way I want them to, you know?  These guys are kind of my guide.

see my IMDB list of this casting here:
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