Thursday, October 24, 2013

39 Weeks Pregnant!

So. Just some random crap I decided to doodle while trying to take my mind off these false contractions. Baby is due next week, but could arrive any day. Not knowing when she's going to make her appearance is so annoying!

Also worried I won't make any art for a while. Since I won't be drawing daily at work for a few months, I want to try and keep making stuff even if it's complete shite. But we've got a lot going on the baby and a new house. Which we close on next week as well. Then there's the packing, and moving, and unpacking. Craziness all around.

I'm actually really looking forward to doing crazy stuff like "sealing my grout" and "waterproofing my cedar fence!" But you know with the baby and all we'll see. I also want to keep making art. How do people manage all these things!
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