Saturday, October 13, 2007

revised panels for One.Six: Prelude Part 1

So as I mentioned earlier I finally picked up my comic again, and while revisiting it I noticed some crap backgrounds, and panels in general, that I had thrown down in the first run. So I went through and did some editing and re-drawing of panels. There are a few small ones but I'll just put up a couple that had some major changes...

So this was a re-drawn panel for page 10.. um there is a better establishing shot panel but I don't think i'll put it up..

The old one just had this really bad background building that didn't really work out. Also a few things changed story-wise, it's no longer so far far out in the future so i tried to adjust.

Another one. Again same thing the clothing was adjusted to fit the change in time...

If you are interested in seeing the old, un-edited comic you can see it at my site. in the comic section. Hopefully it loads right, the javascript was being twitchy earlier.

So now really I'm trying to figure out about the coloring, and inking, if I decide to ink. But I guess that will have to wait 'till tomorrow...

On a side note I'm also going back and stretching my 3D legs. So perhaps you will see some of that in future on this blog... just a heads up. I'm trying to learn more Flash and After Effects as well. Combustion too.. possibly. We'll see. I need more time to do all these things, damnit!

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