Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another LotD Prompt

Prompt #4: Fairytale propaganda poster.

I think Red Hood and the Outlaws made me think of this.

Friday, February 28, 2014

LotD the revival.

So there's been a revival of the Powerhouse Luck of the Draw on facebook. I've submitted a couple doodles. So I've not completely been inactive artistically.

 I think the prompt for this one was character off-model but still recognizable.
This one was your worst fear done in a non-frightening way.. Something like that. I didn't finish this one but it's my baby destroying my collections.

Ahh. Sage she is adorable. I'm only sad because though we got this nice house, the commute to work really sucks. I have a couple hours in the morning with her, but she's mostly sleeping or I'm too busy getting ready to get to play with her. Then when I finally get home after an hour commute it's usually only and hour or at most two with her before she goes down for the night.

Alas. Weekends have become super precious now. I'll try and make more art when I can, I'm hoping once I settle into a groove at work I can do more on lunch breaks. Though it maybe more studies and stuff.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

39 Weeks Pregnant!

So. Just some random crap I decided to doodle while trying to take my mind off these false contractions. Baby is due next week, but could arrive any day. Not knowing when she's going to make her appearance is so annoying!

Also worried I won't make any art for a while. Since I won't be drawing daily at work for a few months, I want to try and keep making stuff even if it's complete shite. But we've got a lot going on the baby and a new house. Which we close on next week as well. Then there's the packing, and moving, and unpacking. Craziness all around.

I'm actually really looking forward to doing crazy stuff like "sealing my grout" and "waterproofing my cedar fence!" But you know with the baby and all we'll see. I also want to keep making art. How do people manage all these things!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sage Name Art

Sage's Baby Room Art! So I finally got some time to sit down and work on some art for the baby room. Even though we don't really have the nursery yet or the house. I just wanted to get some done before life gets even crazier. This is meant to be a set of 4, 8x10 panel prints, but here you see them all together.

Hopefully I'll still get to make some art. Sketches or studies at the very least. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finished. Well finished with it anyways.

So talking to Sam about finishing this digital painting and he was like "whoa I never take that long of a break from something. I only allow myself X number of hours on a piece and if I don't get it done in that time I move on."

I'm going to try and work on setting time limits for myself because unfortunately I am really bad about putting things aside and starting on other things then flip flopping endlessly until either it gets dropped and never picked up again or I end up not touching it for months at a time. So. Just to wrap this one I gave myself only one night to finish it up. Well at least get it decent. So here it is. Officially moving to my completed folder and out of my life.

This was my first one using Sam's B&W technique and getting some feedback and pushing through the first painting... if when you look back at that old post I do have to say it's come a long way from there. So overall a good learning piece. Moving on now.

Sorry Vin, you never got to color. Maybe the next one.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays everyone! From myself, Thomas and little Vin!
Here's to the world not ending. I don't know about you but I was kind of hoping it would end. I really wanted an alien invasion so I could fulfill my dream of being a space marine...

But anyways. The looks like nothing changed. NO WAIT! I made a Holiday Card!  This is completely new! I don't think I've done one since... my first year out of college! The world IS changing! So sorry it's not a postcard that you can get in your mailbox. You'd probably just throw it away anyways. So here you go INTERNET JUNK MAIL!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season! See you in 2013!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch Studies: Feet

So my office mate and I have started doing digital paint studies at lunch. It's only an hour every tuesdays & thursdays but its nice to actually allot some time to just painting.  And its much faster than setting up and tearing down to paint outside.

Well we started off with feet. I just picked a body part that I wanted to work more on. Anywho here are some of the sketches and paint studies we did this past month. Our next subject is comic book characters. I'm painting Psylocke, which is good because it's forcing me to work with stuff I'm not comfortable doing.

I rarely like a Psylocke I make, because well as a character I really like I don't ever feel she looks right and two. I suck at drawing asians, really asian looking asians at least. I'm horrible at it. So my goal is to make this chick look asian. I'll post up some stuff later. Again it's a bit slow going and with the holidays even more so. Anyways. FEET.